BENI is seeking its next visionary leader

Posted December 31, 2018

After 27 seven years of existence and four dynamic leaders, each elevating the work of the organization to greater heights, Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. (BENI) is seeking its next visionary leader.

The ideal candidate will have high energy, excel in big picture thinking with the tenacity to implement. This person will also have a proven track record in managing and motivating a team of highly skilled individuals and provide thought leadership to a 9-person board of directors. The candidate will have demonstrated capacity to rapport build and relationship manage all while ensuring macro-level projects are fully implemented. S/he will be innovative, resourceful and entrepreneurial.

Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible for leading all program, administration, and fundraising operations for Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. (BENI).  BENI is a community-based nonprofit organization focused on revitalization of the Belair-Edison neighborhood through established Healthy Neighborhoods and Main Street Programs.  The candidate for the Executive Director position will be familiar with these programs and be responsible for directing the organization in implementing its strategic plan in adherence with the organization’s mission and goals.

The Executive Director will have a deep understanding of asset-based community development and have great passion for this method of neighborhood revitalization.

Program Oversight:

BENI operates four core program areas: Homeownership Counseling/Financial Literacy, Community Organizing and Outreach, Neighborhood Marketing and Commercial Corridor Revitalization. The Executive Director ensures every aspect of these programs and maintains vision and flexibility to sustainably grow them in ways that best meet changing community needs.

Macro-Level Planning/Programming:

  • Belair Road Corridor: The Executive Director will have to work with city officials and representatives of the Departments of Transportation and Planning to ensure this work is complete.
  • Green Streets: The Executive Director will work with BDC to reassign these dollars to another large scale capital project for the commercial corridor.
  • Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI): The Executive Director will ensure the projects funded through this state level funding source are completed by the deadline.
  • Safe Streets: The Executive Director will play a key role in working with Living Classrooms to ensure collaboration.
  • Area Schools: The Executive Director will ensure that the organization continues relationship with the local schools in the area and find ways in which to partner for the advancement of the community.
  • Anchor Institutions: The Executive Director is responsible for continuing to cultivate these partnerships and seek ways to grow the number of anchor institutions with which the organization partners.
  • Prosperity Now: This project is a short-term engagement that looks at efficiencies around program delivery. The Executive Director will ensue that the organization’s staff remain engaged in this process for maximum benefit of the program.
  • The Tripod Approach: The Executive Director must continue the organization’s three-pronged target approach that includes Rapid Equity Growth, Home Repair and Real Estate Development Intervention in the Little Flower section of the community.

BENI Business Plan:

  • The organization has recently rolled a revenue generating plan that involves, real estate acquisition and development through partnership, real estate referral, home staging, and realtor partnership. This plan intends to grow into other areas to include real estate agency. The Executive Director will need to closely manage this plan and work with staff to ensure further development and sustainability of the plan.
  • Real Estate Holdings and Interest: The organization has interest in several properties along Belair Road through ownership, development interest, or leasing. The Executive Director will need to move these special projects forward in coordination with the board.

Funding and Financing:

  • Fundraising: To maintain current programs and operating expenses, the Executive Director must raise nearly $800,000 a year from a variety of government, foundation, and corporate sources.  The Executive Director is responsible for meeting the reporting requirements of the various funders and for keeping them updated on BENI’s accomplishments and pertinent challenges.
  • Funder Relations: The Executive Director will create and maintain relationships with existing funders. In addition, the Executive Director will work to expand the number of funders to support the organization.
  • Administration: The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day financial management of the organization, which includes managing grant budgets and financial reporting to public and private funders.  The Executive Director works closely with the Director of Operations on all aspects of cash flow and monitors the organization’s income and expenses on a weekly basis.  On a monthly basis, the Executive Director meets with the contracted Accountant and the Director of Operations to adjust expense allocations and prepare reports for the board of directors.
  • Audits: The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s financial audit process is complete and timely. This includes coordinating BENI’s board Finance Committee, Director of Operations, contracted Accountant, and outside auditing firm. Moreover, the Executive Director ensues the organization is prepared for programmatic audits for HUD, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and all other funders seeking periodic auditing of files and finances.
  • Other Financial Considerations: The Executive Director ensures that any business line of credit, bank loan, and consultant contracts are paid on time.


  • The Executive Director is responsible for staffing the organization to ensure that all programs are meeting the goals of the strategic plan. The Executive Director will work with staff members to get the highest output through motivation and team spirit. This position is responsible for monthly staff check-ins and conduct annual employee evaluations. This position must conduct all aspects of hiring and termination, if required.
  • The Executive Director will ensure performance tracking and evaluation of each program area. Moreover, s/he will have a deep understanding of neighborhood indicators through trusted data sources and use these to plan the work of the organization appropriately.

Board of Directors:

  • Board of Directors: The Executive Director works with the Board of Directors, currently 10 members, on the organization’s strategic plan, program priorities, and organizational policy.  Along with the finance committee, the Executive Director develops and proposes to the board the annual organizational budget. The Executive Director works with the president to organize and set agendas for bimonthly board meetings and is responsible for staffing board initiatives.

Partnerships, Memberships, and Elected Officials: The Executive Director is the face of the organization and must continue relationships with existing partners while building new partnerships. Some of our existing partners include: Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc., Baltimore Main Streets, Northeast Partners, Various Bank Partners, Baltimore County DHCD, Community Development Network, Belair-Edison Community Association (BECA), and local and state elected officials, to name a few.


  • Highly personable with the ability to establish rapport quickly and maintain relationships
  • Demonstrated knowledge of financial management is a must
  • Can think quickly and make decisions effectively
  • Demonstrated track record of managing a team to deliver high results
  • Ability to effectively multi-task
  • Demonstrated track record of high performance in a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge of real estate development
  • Demonstrated ability to learn an array of topics quickly
  • Demonstrated track record of strategic thinking and implementation
  • Vision setting
  • Team building
  • Trust
  • High degree of customer service
  • Grant writing

Education and Experience:

Undergraduate degree with a minimum of 5 years of relevant management experience is a must. Masters degree preferable. Desired education in business, marketing, finance, community development, nonprofit management or public health.

Language and Communication Skills:

Strong written and oral communications skills are a must. Must have an ability to read, analyze, and interpret an array of data and procedures.  Must have an ability to write reports and business correspondences.  Must have ability to effectively and persuasively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, lenders, home seekers, residents and the general public. Must have excellent social skills with an ability to quickly build rapport with clients and other target audiences.  Must have an ability to organize, analyze, and use industry research.

All interested candidates will submit a résumé and cover letter to: BENI will accept candidate information through Friday, February 8, 2019.